Plantar Fasciitis Pain can be relieved with Acupuncture

Plantar Fasciitis Pain

Plantar Fasciitis pain has been on the increase for the past several years.  It is probably the most common form of heal pain.  The plantar Fascia is the band that runs across the bottom of your heal.  The symptoms are a sharp, stabbing pain across this area of the heal.  It is usually worse when waking up.  Runners are a common group who get plantar Fasciitis pain.  Also people who are overweight.  Those of us who wear improper shoes without support are prone to this pain.  Anyone who spends long periods of time on their feet for work are also more prone to get plantar fasciitis pain.  The more common age group is 40 to 55 years.  Treatment usually involves physical therapy to the foot.   The therapist will incorporate manual manipulation along with modalities like low level (cold) laser.  The results are generally positive.  However,  incorporating Acupuncture has shown promise.  A study performed at Guangxi People’s Hospital in China involved 74 patients with plantar fasciitis pain for over 2 months.  They  were divided into two groups.  the mean age was about 50 and both groups consisted of 10 males and 27 females.  Both groups received just herbal foot baths.  However one of the groups also received heal acupuncture.  The group with just the baths had an impressive 69% reduction of plantar fasciitis pain.  However the group that had acupuncture too, had a 91% reduction of pain.  This was after 10 days of treatment for both groups.

At Breakthrough Wellness Center, our acupuncturist Yoosan Lee performs acupuncture on patients with plantar fasciitis pain.  He does this in conjunction with our physical therapist, Dr.  Xin Liu.  Their combined efforts and treatment have helped a great many patients with heal pain.  If you would like to find out more about this therapy regimen for plantar fasciitis,  please give us a call and set up for a consultation.  You will be happy you did once you meet our fantastic team.