One on one PT is the very best Physical Therapy

What do I mean by one on one PT, or physical therapy.  What I mean is, our physical therapist will spend your entire half hour, or hour session with you.  There are a lot of places that see A LOT of patients for physical therapy.  This is because they will “rotate” the  patient.  This is what I mean.  They will hook a patient up with electrical stimulation for 15-20 minutes, put another patient on exercise, and finally work on another patient with their hands, or manually.  After about 15 minutes, the three patients rotate.  The one who had electrical stimulation will now do their exercises, and the one exercising will now have their manual done.  You see how this goes.  While the are getting therapy, it is only a short period of time they are one on one pt with the therapist.  At Breakthrough Wellness center, from the time you start your physical therapy, till the time you leave, you will always be with the physical therapist.  This is very important for several reasons.  1), you are assured you are doing your exercises correctly.  There isn’t much room for mistakes, and possible re-injury. 2)  The physical therapist can detect, though treatment or verbally by you, if changes need to be made, based on pain, positioning, or tolerance.  3) One on one PT allows continuous dialog with patient and provider which studies show, increases success rates with healing.  Where some places may schedule 3, 4 or even 5 patients an hour, we only schedule one patient every half hour.  It’s more important to us the quality of care versus the quantity of care.  At Breakthrough Wellness Center, we strive to have that relaxed feeling when you come in.  You are always greeted with a smile, not a nod though a glass partition.  We know it is stressful coming in for treatment. We want to make that experience as enjoyable as possible.  Give us a call with your physical therapy, or even chiropractic, acupuncture and pain management needs.  We assure you your visit will always be pleasant one on one PT