Low level light therapy and the advantages with treatment

Low level light therapy, or cold laser, has been actively a part of therapy treatments for about a decade.  Though know as cold laser, it doesn’t feel “cold” when used.  High powered lasers in medical surgeries are used to cut or destroy tissue.  They generate heat.  Cold laser doesn’t this the name.  The therapeutic effects of low level light therapy is to reduce pain and increase proper cell function.  During treatment with low level light therapy (LLLT) a reaction takes place between the cells and photons , or a photochemical effect.  The photons affect the tissue at the cellular level.  Cold laser enters the tissue it is affecting, then alters cell membrane permeability, and is absorbed at the cellular level into the mitochondria of the cell, causing physiological changes.  These changes can be:

  1. Rapid cell growth.
  2. The LLLT can also stimulate fibroblastic  development in damaged tissue, causing faster wound healing.
  3.  It can also cause an increase in metabolism.
  4. The laser can also help the body increase the output of certain specific enzymes and greater oxygen to the cells.
  5. Like ultrasound, laser can reduce the formation of fibrous tissue.  This is whether the scar formation is from injuries, burns, or post surgical
  6. A very common use for LLLT is for reducing inflammation.   Cold laser helps inflammation around joints, especially with arthritis.  It also helps with muscle injury swelling.
  7.  Laser helps with inreased circulation of blood and the lymphatic system.  This is especially important with healing.
  8. Neuropathy’s.  Laser has been shown to help with diabetic neuropathy.  It also helps with other areas of the body suffering with deadened nerve sensation.

We have found at Breakthrough Wellness Center that incorporating the low level laser therapy with other disciplines like acupuncture and physical therapy, the healing time is increased with faster pain reduction.  Yoosan, our acupuncturist, uses cold laser all the time with his treatments, as does Dr. Xin Liu, our physical therapist.  Both feel that using the latest technologies along with their traditional hands on healing, works best for the patients overall healing and health.