Knee Pain Elimination with Acupuncture Treatments

Knee Pain

Knee pain has been on the rise in the United States.   Many of the reasons are the usual.  Osteoarthritis, tendinitis,  which is very painful with walking upstairs, and bursitis, which occurs with overuse, like sports.   However, with our population becoming epidemically heavier, more stress is put on the knees.   The usual course of treatment is ibuprofen, which relieves the pain and the inflammation around the joint.  This drug course can cause side effects with long term use, especially to the Liver and Kidneys.    Two recent studies resulted with acupuncture being more effective then drug treatments.  In the first study, two groups  of 30 people each with osteoarthritis knee pain, were given treatments.  The first group received electroacupuncture with a regimen of ibuprofen.   The results were 63.3% effective in reducing pain.  The second group received electroacupuncture with an herbal special formula.  At the end of the study this group had an 86.7% pain reduction.  Though both had good results, the second on was much more effective.   In the second study,  One group was treated with acupuncture needling for osteoarthritis knee pain.  The second group was treated with sham, or fake acupuncture for osteoarthritis of the knee.  This study lasted over 26 weeks.  In the end, the group with the real acupuncture had a significantly better drop in knee pain.  They also functioned better.  Function was measured by the distance the patient could walk in 6 minutes time.  As both groups thought they were getting acupuncture, the placebo effect was minimized.  Aside from the positive results these studies showed for using acupuncture for knee pain, a great benefit is the elimination of drug side effects, which can negatively impact your body.  At Breakthrough Wellness Center, Yoosan Lee, are acupuncturist treats knee pain.  He also treats pain for all the other joints of the body with great results.  If you would like to try Yoosans amazing treatments, please call for a consultation.  In our spa like environment, you will get the answers you need with a  caring staff.