Giving back to the community with Breakthrough Wellness Center

Giving Back to the Community

Giving back is something that is important to Breakthrough Wellness Center.  I’m a licensed member of the Foundation for Wellness Professionals, a non-profit organization out of Clearwater Florida.  There are many doctors like myself across the country who belong to this great organization.  As part of my membership, I donate at least 100 hours of service to the community yearly.  This is in the form of heath and wellness talks, donations to local charities, and giving time to charitable events to offer free massages and healthcare advice to participants.  We try especially hard to reach out to teachers and law enforcement, and fire protection, as they give so much of themselves to our community.  As a general rule, Foundation for Wellness professionals are in high demand to speak at associations, corporations, libraries, bookstores, health food stores, health and fitness clubs, etc.  All the workshops strive and emphasize preventative care as the key to good living and health.

Giving back is important to all of our healthcare professionals at Breakthrough Wellness Center.  Dr. Xin our physical therapist not only treats her patients, but educates them on proper living and health at home.  She feels that only this way will they continue to stay healthy and teach their family to do the same.  Dr. Xin stresses that being healthy starts at home.  Yoosan, our acupuncturist also stresses this importance.  One of his techniques he uses is acupuncture for weight loss.  Another is for smoking cessation.  Yoosan says before both of these can be successful, he educates the patients on what he will do.  He then talks to the patient about their continued commitment and desire to get well.  He trains them on what to do at home to continue their success.

Sickness and sick care is one of the most expensive costs in this country.  By educating the patients we are helping them to reduce the nations healthcare cost.  But more importantly we are helping the community be healthier.

If you want to know when we are doing another health presentation, don’t hesitate to call Breakthrough Wellness Center.  Giving back is good!