Fibromyalgia treatment for pain with physical therapy

Fibromyalgia treatment can be tricky.  That’s because the symptoms can vary in patients, both in severity and pain pattern.  However, physical therapy has been shown to be useful in fibromyalgia treatment.  PT’s can help with the pain but also the fatigue and stiffness, which are common symptoms. Fibromyalgia is a mostly muscular pain disorder.  PT’s are specialists in the muscular system.  The can incorporate stretches and strengthening exercises as part of your fibromyalgia treatment regimen.  The physical therapist also takes it a step further by incorporating lifestyle changes to further reduce fibromyalgia pain.  Proper posture, which your physical therapist will help you with, allows efficient muscle function. That results in your being able to avoid undue fatigue and pain. In addition, the therapist may use slow stretching exercises to help you improve muscular flexibility. Relaxation exercises that the physical therapist will show you can help reduce muscle tension.  Dr. Xin, our physical therapist has performed fibromyalgia treatment on many of our patients.  Her goal is always to get the patient out of pain, show them what they consistently need to do, and improve their quality of life.  Because we are a multi-doctor office, she keeps an eye on the patients to see if another healthcare professional can help them.  Dr. Xin knows that if part of their fibro symptoms are headaches, she knows San Lee are acupuncturist can help that.  She also knows myself, the office Chiropractor, does well with headaches.  If the muscle spasms she is working on are too intense, Dr. Xin will refer them to our MD, Dr. LaCap for a possible trigger point injection to breakup the spasm.  Working as a team at Breakthrough Wellness Center, allows us to make our fibromyalgia treatment very effective for that patient.  And getting patients well is our number one goal.  So if your suffering from fibromyalgia, call us today!

Fibromyalgia treatment
Fibromyalgia treatment with Dr. Xin Liu.