Depression; Treating it alternatively with Acupuncture

Depression has been on a steep rise in this country.  Sadly, it is causing people to take their own lives.  It has been so prevalent that you may know a family affected by this tragedy.  The current treatment for depression is mostly medications.  Some work better than others and all have different side affects.  However a growing number of people are looking for alternative ways of treating depression.  And a significant number of the group are looking towards Acupuncture.  Studies recently done show that acupuncture can be very effective with treating depression.  There is another study that also shows acupuncture affecting with treating the side effects of the medications.   One of these studies, in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, showed that electro-acupuncture,   (having mild electrical current attached to the placed acupuncture needles) was as effective as fluoxetine (generic Proxac)  with bringing down the symptoms of depression.  For the duration of six weeks the participants had either a daily dose of the fluoxetine, or had the electro-acupuncture a total of five times a week.  After the six weeks, both trial groups presented with roughly the same reduction of symptoms and both groups had restored their GDNF to normal concentration levels.  GDNF, or glial cell lined derived neurotrophic factor, is a neuroprotective protein.  Previous studies have shown that a reduction of this protein coincided with increases of depression.   With the study however, the acupuncture group showed faster recovery with their symptoms, usually after two weeks,  and “felt” better after the study was completed, then the drug group.

Also in the same Journal, a study found that acupuncture helped with one of the most common side effects of depression medication; sexual dysfunction.  After a 12 week study, both the men and women in the acupuncture group reported improvement in sexual function while on medication.  Currently there is a study being conducted on the affects of acupuncture with other drug side affects, namely nausea and anxiety.

At Breakthrough Wellness Center, Yoosan Lee, our acupuncturist treats patients with depression.  He is passionate about helping these patients and immerses himself

Treating Depression with Acupuncture
Treating Depression with Acupuncture

into getting them well.  If this is something you would like to pursue, call Breakthrough Wellness Center right away.  Yoosan will be more than happy to sit with you first and talk extensively about what you want to achieve and expectations.  He follows our office motto of “We leave no stone un-turned  to get you well”