The Benefits of Acupuncture Sports Therapy for Performance

What are the benefits of Acupuncture sports therapy for players?  As we enter Fall, lots of high school and college kids are returning to the field. Gymnastics and swim seasons start. This time of year we tend to see more injuries coming to the office.  Of course they come for Chiropractic and Physical Therapy.  But Acupuncture sports therapy is not as common.  However, it should be.  Actually, more and more professional sports teams have an acupuncturist on staff.  It is very common for Surf teams, who deal with many shoulder injuries, to have a licensed acupuncturist on board.  One of the main reasons is pain relief.  When the needles are inserted at certain points or “meridians” on the body, there is a release of endorphin’s.  This is the bodies natural pain killer.  The response is often immediate.  It is also long lasting, more so then some pain medications.  And unlike pain meds, which usually just covers the pain, Acupuncture sports therapy often gets to the source of the pain to increase the healing process.  This also means faster reduction of inflammation, an athletes enemy, and increased range of motion.  And of course, no drug side effects.

One of the concerns with training, is the pushing without much time to rest.  This can cause micro tears in the muscles.  If given time, these tears will heal. But with constant stress, they

Acupuncture sports therapy
Acupuncture sports therapy

can become worse.  A modality in the acupuncture sports therapy bag, is Gua sha.  This is a spoon looking instrument that the acupuncturist uses to (gently) scrape over the injured muscular area.  The will caused increased blood flow to the injured area.  Increased blood flow brings in more oxygen to the muscles to allow the micro tears to heal faster.  This Gua Sha is a great recovery tool for athletes.

At Breakthrough Wellness Center, our Yousan Lee performs different methods of acupuncture sports therapy, including Gua Sha.  If you have an athlete in the house, no matter what degree, if they are prone to injury, please give us a call and see if Yousan can help them.