How Acupuncture Weight Loss works, and can work for you.

At our office, we guide patients to different procedures in weight loss that works best for them.  Acupuncture weight loss is one of those procedures.  Yoosan, our acupuncturist is qualified with using acupuncture for weight loss.  And there is data to back it up.  A study that was published by Medical Acupuncture, show positive results. They found that ear acupuncture combined with a 2000 a day calorie diet and 15 minute walks, helped reduce weight more than just the diet alone. The traditional theory is that the outer ear represents the entire body, so stimulating key points with needles and/or magnets around it will reduce appetite and stimulate the metabolism. Another report, published in Acupuncture for Medicine reported that obese patients who underwent five-point ear acupuncture lost more weight than patients who received one-point or sham acupuncture. Interestingly, another article published in Eating and Weight Disorders, showed that acupuncture was more useful in treating patients’  mental health (which led to losing weight) than it was in stimulating weight loss by itself. In other words: believing that you’re getting help is more important for weight loss than the actual treatment itself.  Yoosan notes that when he performs Acupuncture weight loss treatments, there are two main rules the patients have to follow:  1)  The patient has to have a real desire to lose weight, and need

Acupuncture weight loss
Acupuncture weight loss at Breakthrough Wellness Center

to follow everything he tells them. 2) The patient can’t just do the treatment and go out and stuff themselves with pizza.  It needs to be a lifestyle change.  The Publication; The Scientific World Journal, agrees with this rule.  Their study found that 196 obese subjects who received acupuncture, the majority did lose weight over the six-week trial period but only when treatment was coupled with diet restriction.  Yoosan Lee will be happy to sit down with you and discuss the objectives for your particular weight loss needs.  If you feel this is something you want to try, don’t hesitate to contact Breakthrough Wellness Center and set up a consult today.