Acupuncture for the treatment of seasonal allergies

Have you thought about using Acupuncture for the treatment of seasonal allergies?  It is the time of the season where my patients come in, and are sniffling.  It isn’t because they have a cold, (though some do), but because they have allergies.  It’s spring and pollen is flying everywhere!  I found that adjusting the atlas, (top of the neck) seems to help a bit.  However San, our acupuncturist, says he gets good results with allergies.  And his claim is backed up by a recent study. The Annals of Internal Medicine put together a study with slightly over 400 people.  All these people tested positive for allergies to pollen.  They also had active nasal symptoms like a runny nose and teary eyed.  Many of them to reported medication.  The researchers in this study divided these people into 3 groups.  The first group had 12 acupuncture treatments and took antihistamines as warranted.  The next group had 12 acupuncture visits. However the needles were not placed in areas to help allergies, but rather anywhere on the body.  They also took antihistamine drugs when needed.  The third group only took antihistamines.  The researchers waited about 2 months before checking on the test subjects.  They found that the patients receiving the real acupuncture and the most relief from their allergy symptoms.  They also took less antihistamines then the other groups.  It should also be noted that the patients receiving the fake acupuncture had some relief.  This suggests that there is some placebo effect.  After four months, the group receiving the real acupuncture still had the best results with a reduction of their allergies.  This also opens the field to more research.   At Breakthrough Wellness Center, San Lee our acupuncturist treats a whole host of conditions.  If you want to find out if he can help your ailment, or if your interested in getting your allergies treated with acupuncture, then give us a call right away.  San will sit down with you for a free consultation and will be honest with you if he can help you!

acupuncture and allergies