Wrist Pain. Physical Therapy exercises to help and strengthen them

It’s amazing how we never realize how important a body part is until we injure it.  When we hurt an ankle, a simple movement like walking that we take for granted becomes a daunting task.  Throwing a ball becomes an impossibility with shoulder pain.  Same goes for wrist pain.  Especially wrist pain.  Our society is now one of typing on a computer, texting all day, Even just driving the car has wrist movement. With the everyday activities in our society, wrist movement is essential and wrist pain becoming more prominent.  This has caused an increase in carpal tunnel surgery.  This is not good.  For one reason, it may not be corrected after going under the knife.  Now you’re dealing with scar tissue and other issues related to failed surgery.  What’s important is that we strengthen and stretch our wrists like we do other muscles, to avoid problems down the road.  Here are a few exercises you can do at home or work daily.  First, when you feel your wrists getting sore while typing, what do you do for this wrist pain?  Simply get up and shake your wrists.  That’s it!  Think of being in a public bathroom. You just washed your hands and find there are no paper towels.  And the blower is broken.  You start shaking your hands to get the excess water off.  That’s what you would do.  What is happening with this movement is, the muscles and ligaments are relaxing around the wrist, which reduces nerve pressure and cramps.  Try doing this often throughout the day.  Next exercise.  Reach down and touch your toes.  Yes, you are stretching out your back, but you’re also stretching out your wrists.  Research shows that regular stretching of your wrists reduces the chances of future carpal tunnel surgery dramatically.  Another great stretch is holding your arm out with the palm facing up.  Take your other hand and stretch your fingers so they are pointing towards the floor.  This stretch is great for loosening the carpal ligaments.   If your wrist pain becomes more intense, simply call Breakthrough Wellness Center and make an appointment with Dr. Xin, our physical therapist.  She does amazing work with wrist pain and carpal tunnel.  She has helped many patients avoid the knife.