Pain Management care with Trigger Point Injections

At Breakthrough Wellness Center, we treat trigger points in many ways.  Trigger point injections are one of them.  What are trigger point injections and when do we use them?  At our office, were are very conservative with care.  I treat trigger points by trying to break them up with my hands. Dr. Xin, our physical therapist uses manual manipulation and modalities.  San our acupuncturist uses needles and acupressure.  However, sometimes they need more.  That’s where Dr. LaCap, MD comes in with trigger point injections.  Trigger points are very painful knots of muscle that form under the dermis, or skin.  Alone they hurt but most times they interfere or irritate the nerves around them.  These nerves travel to parts of the body.  That is why I can press on a trigger point in the trapezius muscle and the patient tells me they feel it in their forearm.  With trigger point injections, Dr. LaCap inserts a very small, acupuncture size needle into the knotted trigger point muscles. The injection itself contains lidocaine or saline. The reaction of the muscle is to relax as the pain is reduced.   The procedure is relatively painless and quick.  Trigger point injections are usually done before the patient realizes it.  What’s great about are treatment at Breakthrough Wellness Center is that it doesn’t stop there.  Many places that give trigger point injections do just that, and nothing else.  The patient is sent home.  Here, we take advantage of that muscle that was just made inactive and painless.  Now that it is relaxed, The physical therapist or acupuncturist or I can stretch it out and break it up with more efficiency.  This allows the patient to heal quicker with longer lasting effects.  If chronic muscle spasms or trigger points are affecting your activities of daily living, then come see us at Breakthrough Wellness Center.   We will take this multidiscipline approach to make sure you are pain-free!

trigger point injections

Trigger point injections