Chiropractic care and helping with your weight loss goals

Because Chiropractic care in known for naturally helping with your pain, I often get questions from patients about their weight loss goals.  They feel, as a chiropractor, I should know about nutrition and weight loss. Or, they see me, at 56, in pretty good shape and feel I must know how to manage my weight and nutrition.  Well, there is truth in both of these statements. Not all, but many chiropractors have a general understanding about proper eating and nutrition.  I have been big into body building most of my life and studied a great deal with nutrition and weight loss.  Here as some things I’ve learned: Trendy diets generally don’t last.  I’m old enough to remember the “grapefruit diet”  or the “surgery diet”.  They start out with good intentions but fail in the end.  Why?  Because people will initially lose weight on them, however, they don’t learn something important, that I always teach;  Lifestyle change.  The second myth I’ve learned, while supplementation is good, there is no magic pill or potion that will change your body composition.  Don’t waste money on “Yerbe Mati” pills if you believe they alone will burn off your fat.  So if you want to reach your weight loss goals, lets start with some basics.  To do that I have to get a little techy.  First off, We need fat!  If carbs are the gas that runs our body, then fat is the oil that lubes the joints.  The problem is we take in too many carbs (sugar) and not enough fats.  Of course not all fats are equal.  And the good fats will help you lose weight.  Let me explain. We are born with and die with the same amount of fat cells.   When we eat carbs, or sugar,  our brain tells our pancreas to release insulin.  The goal of insulin is to take the carbs and put them in all our cells for energy.  The problem is we eat too many carbs.  At a certain point the cells “change their lock” so the insulin can’t load them.  So the insulin stores the excess carbs into the fat and makes MORE fat to help store it.  This is the fat we’re not born with.  This is the weight gain.  Now, if we start eating more good fats (salmon, avocado, nuts, olive oil), and proteins, the brain tells the pancreas to release glucagon.  Once glucagon stores the fats and proteins in the muscles, it will go after the excess insulin and sugar and eat it up like a Pac-man.  The more we do this, the more the excess fat is removed as the carbs are used for energy.  This is a start.  Next week I’ll talk about cleansing the body and lifestyle change for your weight loss goals.  In the meantime, call me any time at Breakthrough Wellness Center for advice on your weight loss goals, or come in for a free consultation with me.  My goal is to make yours come true.

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