Does Acupuncture treatment help relieve Plantar Fasciitis

Yesterday I was speaking with a patient who was getting good results with our physical therapist for her plantar fasciitis.  She then asked me, does acupuncture treatment help relieve plantar fasciitis?  You see she was happy with her results with the physical therapist.  However, if you’ve had plantar fasciitis, you know the intense pain it can cause.  So you want every option available.  Plantar fasciitis is probably the most common form of heal and foot pain.  It is mostly seen in athletes, the majority being runners.  Though is usually acts up with physical activity, just prolonged standing or walking on a hard surface can initiate pain. The connective tissue that gives support to the arch, is called the plantar fascia.  When this becomes irritated and inflamed,    There are Orthos who suggest the possibility of micro-tears in the fascia at or near its attachment to the calcaneus. About 50% of patients will probably additionally have a calcaneal heel spur.   Being overweight is seen in about 40 percent of male and 90 percent of female patients with plantar fasciitis . And while this is usually an overuse, or repetitive use injury, it may occur by acute trauma with intense and strenuous lower extremity activities.  Speaking with San, our Acupuncturist, he notes that acupuncture can be a great addition in helping to relieve and correct plantar fasciitis.  He says there are 4 main points in the posterior leg and foot that he will address for this condition.  In a series of treatments, he says that needling these points helps bring down the inflammation.   This is followed by breaking up the taut and tender connective tissue to allow better movement and less rigidity.  San says he will sometimes incorporate a class 3 cold laser to further reduce pain and swelling.  The results are mostly positive with the patients feeling less pain and better able to perform their daily activities.  If you would like to speak to San Lee about your plantar fasciitis and if he can help you, then give Breakthrough Wellness Center a call. The consultation is free and you will be happy you did it once San explains his approach to this painful condition.

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